Tasks and fields of application at a glance

In the Innovation Network "product and process safety means of spectroscopic analysis" partners from the fields of research and development, device fabrication and application are working together. Development and launch of innovative and low-cost spectrometers and detection devices are central. Our vision is to develop highly sensitive, compact, modular and more cost-effective spectrometric analyzers for the market.

In this grasp the problems from the areas of basics of Photonics, the device and software technology as well as the various areas of "Life Science / Diagnostics", "hazardous substance detection" and "gas analysis" are closely interconnected.


Focus Areas

The network focuses on the following areas:

Basic research and algorithms

Up to date, classical analytical techniques including the separation of substances and the detection of substances (via mass spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy or similar) are used in a consecutive fashion. In the future however the prerequisites for process parallelization as well as in-line measurement capabilities need to be established.

Device modifications and new developments (Software/hardware)

Speed, sensitivity and cost efficiency are the key drivers for all device-related R&D activities. The specific requirements for the devices are deducted from the respective applications and are thus an integral part of the R&D projects. In this focus area improvements of already existing devices and the development of new analyzers for special applications are combined.

Supporting technologies

Aside from laser technology basics and device and software technologies there is a number of supporting techniques and devices which need to be developed or adjusted in order to reach the goals of the network. These techniques include microfluidics as well as separation techniques such as HPLC, IMS and gas chromatography.

Areas of Application

The innovative products can be applied to a number of different fields. Up to date the network focuses on the following areas of application:

Life Science/Diagnostics

Spectroscopic techniques can be used for a number of applications in this field since the identification and quantification of molecules and substances is a central challenge not only for diagnostic assays, but also for quality assurance in the pharmaceutical industry. The network members are thus aiming to develop highly sensitive and cost-efficient devices for medical applications which will be based on spectroscopic techniques.

Hazardous substance detection

Hazardous substances such as toxins or explosives pose a threat for both the general public as well as for the security forces.Since toxic and explosive effects can occur very rapidly and counter-measures need to be initiated on the spot, the fast and reliable identification of these substances with the aid of portable devices is a main development goal for the network.

Gas analytics

Gas analytics is used in a variety of settings and plays a major role both in industrial process control and biogas feed-in as well as for the detection of gaseous hazardous substances (eg methane or war gas)