Strategic Focus

The aim of the network is to develop highly sensitive, compact, modular and more cost-effective spectrometric analyzers for the market, at least three different fields of application are envisaged (gas sensors, detection of hazardous materials and life sciences).

Therefore mainly the modalities

  • IR and Raman spectroscopic techniques,
  • fluorescence spectroscopy,
  • absorption spectroscopy and
  • photoacoustic spectroscopy

will be addressed.

The most important feature of the network is the vertical integration of cross-cutting functions and technologies along the value chain surrounding the subject area of spectroscopic analysis, which - according to the network partners' expectations - will result in a significant reduction of development costs of the individual R & D projects.

This vertical integration can be described as follows:

With its proven expertise particularly in the areas of "extremely short wavelengths", "femto and attosecondlaser" and "Photonic Sensor including trace analysis and Micromachining" the Laser-Laboratorium Göttingen e.V (in short: LLG) creates the starting point for the development of highly innovative spectrometer in collaboration with renowned software and device manufacturers as well as companies that provide complementary technologies. The devices will be designed according to the specifications of the partners with end-market access.

Additional basic research institutions with complementary skills to LLG will be integrated into the network to broaden the technology base.