Our vision

Due to close collaboration with partners along the value chain in the field of spectroscopic analysis synergies can be leveraged, and thus development costs can be reduced. The intense exchange with the technology providers from the basic research area also enables the rapid integration of highly innovative technologies into the product portfolio of the companies, and thus strengthens their market position.

There are many benefits for the network partners. In addition to the initiation and realization of joint R & D projects, the creation of a communication and exchange platform for development issues is planned.

The partners will work along the value chain in the target field of spectroscopic analysis and bring their respective expertise to the development and evaluation of technical solutions.

The network management supports the partners for getting R & D funding from the central innovation program for SMEs (ZIM), which is needed for the R&D activities within the network.

Thus, there is at present a great opportunity for the innovation network to achieve a Germany-wide unique selling point in terms of a competence network.