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Ionovation GmbH Founded in 2004 Ionovation GmbH has a proven expertise in the field of electrophysiological and optical measurement techniques, the membrane protein synthesis, as well as the single molecule detection and analysis. The field of activity includes equipment development and application solutions for preclinical drug discovery and drug discovery as a partner for the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology companies and research institutions.

Based on the innovative developments of Ionovation GmbH are extremely stable artificial lipid bilayers, so-called Bilayer. This basic technology was introduced in the form of high-tech equipment Ionovation Compact and Ionovation Explorer and standardized test systems (assays) in the market and will be offered as a service. Thus the Ionovation GmbH extends the entire range of modern electrophysiology especially in the field of bilayer technology to commercially available optical and analytics components. The innovative developments make it possible for the first time to analyze a variety of membrane-based processes, transport proteins or eukaryotic cells not only with the already established optical techniques such as single-molecule fluorescence spectroscopy / microscopy, but at the same time to characterize electrophysiologically.This technology allows simultaneous investigation of various pharmacologically relevant aspects. At the same time it provides an efficient alternative to other electro-physiological measurement systems because the bilayer technology single molecules and subcellular organelles also electrophysiological investigations into focus. Meanwhile, the Ionovation GmbH operates worldwide. Besides Europe, the technology could be established both in Asia and in North America in the meantime.

Ionovation GmbH
Westerbreite 7
D-49084 Osnabrück
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