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Small animal clinic

The Small Animal Clinic of the University of Göttingen is part of the Veterinary Institute.

In addition to the care of patients, the veterinarians of the small animal clinic research in different areas of veterinary medicine. Current research focuses on the potential use of cytokines as biomarkers in the diagnosis of pathological mechanisms. Cytokines are chemical messengers that can control the disease mechanisms. Usually they occur in very low concentrations in the altered tissue. Some cytokines, however, result in certain diseases in measurable concentration changes in blood. These cytokines are the current focus of research. We expect using the Zyokindiagnostic diseases to better predict in your history.

Burckhardtweg 2
D-33077 Göttingen
Tel.: +49 551 39333 87
Fax: +49 551 391 391 9


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